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Elon Musk has issued ultimatum to Twitter employees

  • Reports say the billionaire has issued an ultimatum to Twitter employees.
  • Hundreds of employees left after being told to work “long hours at high intensity” or find another job.

Success has brought happiness to Elon Musk. At the very least, his over 116 million Twitter followers have been treated to consistent updates from him reassuring them that everything is fine on the social media platform.

It’s possible his posts contradict what detractors and media stories claim. But the wealthiest individual in the world is unfazed by the negative attention. The tech mogul recently tweeted,“The media constantly writing about Twitter is driving usage to all-time highs, so it’s fine by me! (sic),”

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He was reacting to a user who had pointed out a discrepancy in the way the media had reported on the changes at the social media firm since the takeover.

Reports say the billionaire has issued a new ultimatum to Twitter employees. Hundreds of employees reportedly left the company after being told they either had to work “long hours at high intensity”  or find another job, as reported by Reuters.

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One current employee and one former employee who is still in touch with Twitter colleagues were reported in the story as suggesting that the richest person in the world was meeting with several senior employees to attempt to convince them to stay.

Twitter, which is utilised by celebrities such as politicians and athletes, could be in jeopardy as a result of this recent development.

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According to rumours, Twitter will not reopen its doors until Monday. According to a memo reported by Bloomberg, employees were asked to “please continue to comply with corporate rules” and not share “private material” online or with the media.

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