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WhatsApp Beta Testing New Sign-in Method and Improved Call Quality

  • The feature aims to enhance account protection and potential account recovery.
  • Users may have the option to provide their email address for sign-in.
  • WhatsApp Beta Users experiencing improved call quality after an update.


WhatsApp is known for requiring phone numbers during sign-up or login. However, a new feature in the latest WhatsApp beta suggests that the messaging platform is working on allowing users to sign in using their email addresses. This move aims to enhance account protection and potentially aid in account recovery. While still under development, the feature could be beneficial for users who may lose access to their phone numbers but want to retain their WhatsApp accounts.

The implementation of this feature is speculated to be optional, meaning users can choose whether or not to provide their email addresses. This flexibility allows users to make their own decision on how to safeguard their WhatsApp accounts. Although the feature is still in progress, more details are yet to be revealed, and users eagerly await official announcements.

In addition to the potential email sign-in feature, some WhatsApp Beta Users have experienced improved call quality after a recent update. This enhancement addresses the longstanding issue of voice quality during WhatsApp calls, which had garnered numerous user complaints in the past. The improved call quality is a welcome addition for users who frequently rely on WhatsApp for voice calls.

As WhatsApp continues to evolve and introduce new features, users are encouraged to stay updated on official announcements to make the most of the platform’s capabilities. The potential for email sign-ins and improved call quality reflects WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user experience and account security

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