WhatsApp Brings Back Translucent Design in Latest iOS Update

Sher Ali
WhatsApp Brings Back Translucent Design in Latest iOS Update
  • Previously available in iOS 7, the feature was removed but has now made a comeback.
  • The update is currently available for iPhone users on the App Store.
  • Users need to install the update and restart the app for the translucent effect to take effect.


Previously, users of iOS 7 had access to a similar interface featuring a translucent design. However, this feature was eventually removed for reasons that were not specified. The recent update on the App Store, however, has brought back the translucent design for iPhone users. The WhatsApp news tracker has confirmed the deployment of this tweaked interface with the latest app update.

Upon installing the update, users can explore various components of the program to check if they can access the translucent effect. This can be seen in the provided screenshot. However, it is important to note that after updating the app, it needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

While the current update has made the translucent design available to more users, there is a possibility that the update will be gradually rolled out to those who haven’t received it yet. This means that some users may receive the update in the upcoming weeks.

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Overall, the return of the translucent design in the latest WhatsApp update for iOS devices brings back a visually appealing feature that was previously enjoyed by users of iOS 7. By implementing this design, WhatsApp aims to enhance the user experience and provide a fresh look to its interface.


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