Imad Wasim Opens Up on Pakistan Captaincy Debate

Sher Ali
Pakistan captaincy debate
  • He emphasizes focusing on controllable factors and not dwelling on things beyond his control.
  • Wasim prioritizes playing with passion, pride, and dignity while representing Pakistan.
  • He shares his positive experience playing under the captaincy of Babar Azam.


Imad Wasim, the versatile all-rounder, recently shared his thoughts on the captaincy debate surrounding the Pakistan national cricket team in an interview on Saturday. Earlier this year, Wasim was considered as a top contender for the vice-captaincy role, replacing Shadab Khan, for the home series against New Zealand.

According to Wasim, he believes in focusing only on things within his control. He stated that he doesn’t dwell on aspects like selection or captaincy, as they are beyond his influence. Instead, he prefers to take things day by day, enjoying his life and playing cricket with passion. He emphasized the importance of pride and dignity in representing Pakistan, regardless of the level of cricket he is playing.

Regarding his inclusion in Pakistan’s squad for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup in India, Wasim expressed a calm approach. He mentioned that he doesn’t excessively worry about selection and is not currently thinking about it. He affirmed that he will be available if chosen, as serving Pakistan is his utmost priority. However, he does not dwell on selection matters as they are beyond his control.

Wasim also discussed his experience playing under the captaincy of Babar Azam. He emphasized the need to prioritize the country over personal interests and set aside any other considerations when representing Pakistan. He highlighted the mutual respect between himself and Babar, stating that it has always been present and continues to be so. When playing for the country, they both understand the importance of leaving personal differences aside.

Having represented Pakistan in 55 ODIs and 66 T20Is since his international debut in 2015, Imad Wasim has established himself as a key player for the national team. His versatility as an all-rounder has made him a valuable asset in both formats of the game.

Overall, Wasim’s approach revolves around focusing on what he can control, playing with passion, and prioritizing pride and dignity in representing Pakistan. He maintains a composed outlook on selection matters and values the mutual respect and unity within the team under the captaincy of Babar Azam.

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