Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West Has changed So Much Over

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Kim Kardashian

Time flies by. On June 15, 2013, Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband, Kanye West, had their first child, North West. Their eldest daughter has since become a star in her own right.

North was destined to follow in her famous parents’ footsteps from the start – even her grandma (and probable future manager) Kris Jenner believes so! “North lived with Kris on and off for a few years, so they have a unique bond,” Life & Style previously reported.

“North is super mature and loves being around adults and Kris gets such a kick out of how they can have ‘grown-up conversations,” the insider continued. “The family always jokes that Kris is going to turn North into the next superstar because she loves the spotlight!”

North’s potential is recognized by more than only Kris. “She’s an idol,” Kristen Crawley, Kar-lifelong Jenner’s bestie, told Life & Style in October 2019. “For some reason, North and I always end up matching. I went to a baby shower once and we had the same hair and it was strange, but yes, super cute!”

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North received her first solo magazine cover with Women’s Wear Daily that month. Of course, Kim celebrated her daughter’s success on Instagram, writing: “I’m seriously so proud of my Northie! She picked her looks and eyeliner color and is so involved and loves fashion and beauty so much so she has the best time at her [WWD] shoot! Kanye and I always say she’s Kristen Crawley’s style twin.”

North enjoys music in addition to fashion. The daring adolescent made an unexpected appearance at Kanye’s Yeezy Season 8 runway presentation in March 2020. “I’m so proud of my Northie!!!!!! Her first performance had me in tears!” Kim Kardashian burst out laughing at the time. North also snatches the microphone at her father’s Sunday service regularly.

Whether it’s modeling, singing, or a combination of the two, we have no doubt North will be among Hollywood’s finest eventually.




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