Lewis Hamilton jabs Max Verstappen after Charles brawl at British GP

Jenny Bowtie
Lewis Hamilton

On Sunday after the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton praised Charles Leclerc and used the chance to criticize Max Verstappen.

Calos Sainz won his maiden Grand Prix for Ferrari, while Sergio Perez came in second for Red Bull. Hamilton finished third in his home race.

After a heated battle, Leclerc finished fourth, but Hamilton was quick to sing the praises of the Ferrari driver for the aggressive yet sportsmanlike manner in which he battled.

The Mercedes star stated it was a far cry from last year at Silverstone when he collided with Max Verstappen which led to a quarrel between the two as they blamed each other for the incident.

Charles performed an excellent job, and he fought valiantly. Very level-headed behind the wheel, a marked contrast to last year, Hamilton said to Sky Sports.

‘Copse, for example, two of us walked through there no trouble. What a fight! Very, really fantastic weekend.’

To be fair, Verstappen has a different recollection of the event than Hamilton does and has blamed the Brit for celebrating the race win while the Dutchman was still in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

Glad to report that everything is well with me. Extremely disheartened to have been eliminated in this manner. Following the British Grand Prix of 2016, Verstappen took to Twitter to reflect on the race. ‘The penalty handed does not help us and doesn’t do justice to the reckless maneuver Lewis made on the track.

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‘Watching the festivities while still in hospital is rude and unsportsmanlike, but we go on.’

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