Liverpool fans are still lining up for Champions League final against Real Madrid as game approaches halftime

Kumail Shah

Liverpool supporters are still waiting in line to enter the Stade de France for tonight’s Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Due to issues within and around the stadium, the game was delayed by 30 minutes.

And, despite the fact that the game is approaching halftime, many French fans’ problems are far from finished.

Fans had difficulty getting inside the stadium before the match in Paris.

Police were spotted tear-gassing and pepper-spraying people outside the stadium, while some fans stormed inside.

And, according to Sky News, Liverpool fans are STILL attempting to enter the Stade De France, despite the fact that the game is approaching half-time.

“Basically, we’ve been stalled here for a couple of hours trying to get inside the stadium,” said one fan interviewed from the other side of a barrier.

We were maybe 500 metres from the stadium when we were delayed, we were prevented passage because there were so many vehicles, and now we’re being tear-gassed.

“There’s no reason why we’re being tear gassed and no reason for the delay.”

Footage on social media shows cops targeting fans.

“I was hauled into a tent by a security officer, instructed to remove credentials, and then forced to erase film footage of the crowd concerns or I wouldn’t be let back in,” stated journalist Steve Douglas.

BBC journalist Nick Parrott stated that he, too, was pepper sprayed outside.

“I just got pepper sprayed for the first time in my life,” he explained.

“I’ve seen the Champions League final before, but I’ve never been pepper sprayed.”

I was standing outside Gate Y, which had been opening and closing continuously for the past hour and a half, but no one had passed through.

“On the opposite side, security personnel advanced and deployed pepper spray.

“I’ve witnessed ten supporters attempting to scale barriers. Although Gate Z is open, no one appears to be entering.

“I have never witnessed such mayhem at any match in my own capacity.”

“The Liverpool fans are attempting to pull back from these barriers in order to get in, but the officials appear to be doing nothing.”

It is uncertain if the Liverpool fans who are trapped outside will be permitted to enter.

However, UEFA’s handling of the event will very certainly be scrutinised in the following hours and days.


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