Martial Arts Champion Amir Khan Seeks Government Sponsorship for International Event in Azerbaijan

Kumail Shah
Martial Arts Champion Amir Khan Seeks Government Sponsorship for International Event in Azerbaijan

Hyderabad’s very own Amir Khan is making waves in the world of martial arts, having claimed gold medals at the university, national, and international levels. Amir claimed the gold medal at Lahore in an International ‘Savate Kickboxing’ event against Sri Lanka held in 2022. However, he is preparing for the upcoming event to be held in Azerbaijan in the coming month, and for that, he is seeking sponsorship from sporting brands, Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), Sindh Government and the Federal Government.

He has been practicing martial arts for the last seven years. Furthermore, Amir is a black belt in Karate and has been practicing kickboxing, Mix Martial Arts (MMA), and Busho Kai martial arts. Amir Khan is a graduate of Sindh University and has represented the campus more than 10 times at the Inter-University level. But that was just the beginning for him; later on, the talented Martial artist claimed the throne as Hyderabad Champion which made him more eager to fight for the provincial level and eventually become the national champion in martial arts.

Martial Arts is a respected profession worldwide, and the players of this sport are highly paid for each match they play. Along with that, martial artists get sponsorship deals from brands around the world and are often made brand ambassadors for them. It takes years of practice and dedication for a person to prepare himself for this prestigious sport. A player may break his nose or can get severe injuries, but it is the dedication and passion that leads the player to divulge more into martial arts and strive for more.

Pakistan has an abundance of talent whether in sports, education, or any other respected field, but due to the negligence and nonavailability of support from the government, the youth are in a state of misery to continue their talent further. Martial Artists like Amir Khan can make Pakistan proud with his capabilities and win medals at the international level for the country.


Martial Arts expert Amir Khan also coaches young students of ‘Dreamers Academy School‘ who have the desire to become martial arts experts in the future. the younglings that Amir has trained have paved their way to the Sindh-level games and have begged medals for their school. Recently, one of his apprentice won the bronze medal in martial arts at the Sindh level.


Furthermore, along with investing much in cricket, the sports ministry and authorities in the country must also invest in other indoor and outdoor sports that may give room for the talented youth to showcase their talent at the international level.

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So, will Amir get the government sponsorship he needs to compete in Azerbaijan? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – he’s not giving up on his dream anytime soon. We’ll be watching with bated breath to see what the future holds for this talented and dedicated martial artist.

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