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Arshad Sharif: High-ranking diplomat played Candy Crush during briefing

    • Arshad Sharif was a well-known TV anchor
    • Arshad Sharif was found murdered in Kenya last night
    • One of the Pakistani High Commission officials was allegedly caught playing Candy Crush Saga on his phone

Arshad Sharif, A well-known Pakistani journalist who did investigative work and was critical of the country’s strong military was killed in Kenya almost two months after he left Pakistan.

The journalist, who is 49 years old and fled the country in August to avoid being arrested, as he had been slapped with multiple cases, including sedition charges, over an interview with Shahbaz Gill, who was a close aide of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. During the interview, Shahbaz Gill made comments that were deemed offensive to the military. The journalist was wanted for his role in the interview.

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Photos posted online show that the Kenyan government and the Pakistani High Commission are looking into Arshad Sharif’s death. After the cold-blooded murder of a Pakistani national in Kenya, you’d think the Pakistani Foreign Office in Kenya would take the situation seriously and demand a transparent inquiry.

But as the Pakistani High Commission officials were listening to the official briefing from the Kenyan authorities, it was rumoured that one of the Pakistani High Commission officials was playing Candy Crush Saga on his phone.

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It is clear from the indifference displayed by the employees of the Pakistani High Commission in Kenya that they are not interested in providing assistance to the Pakistani population in that country.

In addition, this reveals that the primary motivation for Pakistani diplomats serving overseas is to get overseas posts that come with hefty benefits packages.

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