Sarfaraz Ahmed: Reaching the 3000-Run Milestone in Test Cricket

Sher Ali
Sarfaraz Ahmed Milestone
  • Sarfaraz has scored 21 fifties and four centuries in his Test career.
  • His achievement showcases his skill and contribution to Pakistani cricket.
  • Fans and cricket enthusiasts celebrate Sarfaraz’s accomplishment in Test cricket.


Sarfaraz Ahmed, the former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, has reached a significant milestone by completing 3000 runs in Test cricket. This achievement occurred during the first innings of the ongoing Test match against Sri Lanka in Galle. In his 91 innings, Sarfaraz hit a boundary to reach the milestone.

This accomplishment places Sarfaraz as the 20th Pakistani batsman to surpass 3000 runs in the Test format. What sets him apart is that he achieved this milestone while playing as a wicketkeeper-batsman, making him the first Pakistani player in this role to achieve such a feat.

Sarfaraz made his Test debut back in 2010 against Australia in Hobart. Throughout his career, he has displayed consistent performances, accumulating 21 fifties and four centuries so far. His contributions with the bat have been instrumental in shaping Pakistan’s Test matches over the years.

Scoring 3000 runs in Test cricket is a testament to Sarfaraz’s skill, dedication, and longevity in the game. It showcases his ability to contribute with the bat alongside his primary role as a wicketkeeper. This achievement further solidifies his status as a valuable asset to the Pakistani cricket team.

As Sarfaraz Ahmed reaches this milestone, fans and cricket enthusiasts celebrate his achievements and recognize his significant impact on Pakistan’s Test cricket history. His contributions as a batsman and leader have made him a respected figure in the cricketing world, and his achievement of 3000 runs cements his place in the annals of Pakistani cricket

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