WhatsApp’s New Feature: Chatting with Unsaved Contacts

Sher Ali
WhatsApp's New Feature: Chatting with Unsaved Contacts
  • Users no longer need to save a contact’s number before starting a chat.
  • The update makes chatting with unknown numbers easier and more private.
  • Available on the latest WhatsApp versions for iOS and Android.


WhatsApp is a widely used instant messaging platform known for its user-friendly features and constant updates based on user demands. Recently, they introduced an exciting feature that allows users to message unsaved contacts without having to save their numbers first.

Before the update, users had to save a contact’s number before initiating a chat. With the new feature, users can now start conversations with unknown people by simply searching for their phone numbers within the app, without adding them to their address book.

This feature enhances privacy and convenience when chatting with unknown numbers. It’s available to users who have installed the latest WhatsApp versions on iOS and Android devices.

When users enter an unfamiliar phone number, WhatsApp will search for the contact outside of their saved contacts. To check if this feature is available for your account, you can search for a phone number in your contact lists. On iOS, tap “start new chat” in the chat list, and enter the unknown phone number in the search bar.

If the contact is on WhatsApp, you can directly open a chat with them. This feature is not exclusive to the iOS app, as Android users can also follow the same steps to search and initiate a chat with unknown phone numbers.


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