WordPress Introduces Premium Content in Newsletters

Sher Ali
  • Businesses and creators can monetize their newsletters.
  • Paid subscriptions allow fans to support art, writing, or projects directly.
  • Transaction fees apply for premium content, but can be negated on higher-tier plans.


WordPress has introduced a new feature that offers premium content within its newsletters. This initiative aims to support small businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs in generating more revenue. The Newsletters feature, launched in December 2022, has gained popularity as a means for sharing personalized content or links to blog posts directly with customers and followers.

According to WordPress, premium content in newsletters allows fans to directly support artists, writers, or projects through paid subscriptions. While free newsletters will still be available, many businesses may choose to target dedicated customers with exclusive paid content.

Publishers can enable paid subscriptions and content gating for newsletters by selecting options such as everyone, subscribers only, or paying subscribers. Transaction fees for premium newsletters are set at 10% for free plans, but as users climb higher in the pricing tiers, transaction fees decrease. On the Commerce plan, which costs $45 per month, transaction fees are negated.

Stripe handles the payment processing for WordPress newsletters, limiting availability to countries where Stripe operates. As WordPress websites have a significant global presence, the Newsletters feature is expected to benefit a large number of users. WordPress continues to refine the design, experience, and offerings for writers, creators, and publishers.


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