Air-Vice Marshal Zaeem Afzal appreciates JDC’s flood relief efforts

Kumail Shah
Air-Vice Marshal Zaeem Afzal appreciates JDC's flood relief efforts

Air-Vice Marshal Zaeem Afzal thanked the Patron of Jaffri Disaster Cell (JDC) and Bahria Town builder Adeel Malik for working with the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) to help flood victims in Pakistan get food, rations, and other necessities.

The PAF Air-Vice Marshal praised JDC’s efforts, saying that Zafar Abbas keeps his promise every time he commits to the rescue and relief operation.

At a press conference at the PAF Museum, Zaeem Afzal appreciates JDC and told the media that the Organization was committed to providing 25,000 ration bags a day. “As I mentioned earlier, we provide the ration to the deserving people across the country and transport it through C-130 planes, helicopters, and ground vehicles to reach the inaccessible areas,” he added.

“To date, 289 flight operations of C-130 and helicopters have been completed, with thousands of tons of rations provided to deserving people,” the Air-Vice Marshal stated.

According to Zaeem Afzal, helicopters are used to drop off ration bags when the locations are inaccessible. “We will provide the ration bags to the flood-hit people within ten days. Our team has completed the plan and will allocate the ration bags according to the areas,” he mentioned.

He went on to say that Zafar Abbas cooperated on the call and made it possible to carry out rescue and relief operations.

According to him, the citizens of Pakistan have contributed more to relief work than other countries and organizations because airplanes have limited storage. “In one C-130, 15 tons of relief items can be included. Ten planes are on their way from the UAE, and Zafar Abbas alone provided 1000 tons of relief items in a single day,” the Air-Vice Marshal said, praising JDC’s efforts.

In front of the media, Zafar Abbas showed the packing of the rations and how carefully the food items are packed so that no water can damage them.

According to the details, PAF has distributed more than 80,000 ration bags and cooked food for 500,000 people affected by the flood.

On September 30, Zafar Abbas, in an interview with a media outlet at the museum said that a ration drive of one lac bags is underway where 50,000 bags will be handed over to the PAF and 50,000 bags are being provided to the Sindh Rangers at the PIB ground.

“We are providing hundreds of thousands of mosquito nets, thousands of tents, and medical camps with millions of worth of medicine through Sindh Security Unit (SSU). We don’t want anyone to die because of the unavailability of medicines, mosquito nets, and tents,” Zafar Abbas said.

JDC aims to assist people in dire need or left out of society. From old age houses to providing food and employment to the youth in various programs, the organization has proved to be trustworthy and has won millions of hearts.

During the severe COVID-19 pandemic, when the source of income stopped for people due to lockdowns, JDC was amongst the organizations that were providing door-to-door rations in Karachi and other cities under the supervision of Zafar Abbas.

JDC is fulfilling its duties as expected by the public in the current period when one-third of Pakistan is devastated by flash floods and torrential rains. According to Zafar Abbas, the relief operations carried out by all the organizations, whether international or local or government efforts, are just like a drop in the ocean. He urges more and more people to come forward and assist our fellow brothers and sisters who are facing natural calamities.

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