AMA’s Recommendation of Uterus Transplant for Trans Women

Kumail Shah
MA's Recommendation of Uterus Transplant for Trans Women

The American Medical Association (AMA) has strongly recommended that the US taxpayers must subsidize the expense of uterus transplants for trans women. The AMA emphasizes that this surgical procedure, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per case, would significantly enhance the health and overall quality of life of biological males who identify as females.

The June edition of the Journal of Ethics published an article claiming that successful uterus transplants in women could spark interest among transgender individuals.

The article highlights a substantial challenge that needs to be addressed – the steep price tag ranging from $100,000 to $300,000.

The article argued that such surgery should be at least partly subsidized by the government – the way other transplantations are – since it is “essential to well-being.”

Transwomen wanting to gestate children can plausibly justify subsidy of UTx on a number of grounds,” the authors posited, adding that their inability to give birth “may cause them to experience psychological dissonance in a way that undermines their health and well-being.” 

The article remarked that, aside from trans women, some trans men may also desire to have a uterus transplantation to “gestate children.” The authors indicated out, however, that such cases should be ministered as ones of secondary priority.

“Even if there are limits on subsidies, the case could be made that no moral obstacle stands in the way of justifying subsidies for UTx for some transwomen and transmen,” the authors wrote.

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As of June 1, 2023, reports that approximately 100 uterus transplants have been carried out worldwide, leading to the birth of approximately 50 healthy babies.

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