Crackdown on Fake Nursing Degrees in Islamabad

Sher Ali
Crackdown on Fake Nursing Degrees in Islamabad
  • Rana Shahid Habib led a significant operation in Islamabad.
  • Fake institutions were distributing counterfeit nursing degrees.
  • Principal Waqar Khan from Falah Institute of Nursing was apprehended.

The operation, directed by the Islamabad director and managed by the Anti-Corruption Circle’s deputy director, was initiated.

Rana Shahid Habib oversaw the crackdown on individuals involved in issuing fake and unregistered nursing and technical degrees.

Raids targeted Falah Institute of Nursing, Pearl Institute, and EDU Zone.

Principal Waqar Khan of Falah Institute of Nursing was arrested during these raids for his alleged involvement in illegal activities.

The suspect had established a counterfeit nursing exam institute and faced legal action.

Cases were filed against the owners of the mentioned institutions for their fraudulent and unregistered status.

Accused individuals were found guilty of distributing counterfeit nursing diplomas, technical certificates, degrees, and nursing cards to unsuspecting citizens for substantial sums.

Despite complaints from the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), the accused continued to issue fake nursing credentials under the guise of educational institutions and charged exorbitant fees for exams.

The accused advertised admissions in newspapers and on social media for fake institutions, which lacked qualified nursing faculty.

These fake institutes had no affiliations with hospitals for clinical practice.

Bogus clinical practice certificates were being sold to under-registered students.

A significant quantity of fake technical degrees, nursing certificates, cards, diplomas, and equipment for producing counterfeit certificates were discovered during the search.


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