Improving Saudi-Iran relations offer hope for peace, big thanks to president Xi

Sher Ali
  • China intervened in the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran to restore diplomatic relations.
  • Relations restored according to a joint agreement.
  • President  Xi Jinping cool down the tensions between the two states quietly.


China played a vital role in the proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two big regional powers. When NATO allies were busy in the Russia-Ukraine war, President Xi Jinping quietly cooled the tensions between the two states.

The relations were in the worst condition when Shiite cleric Baqir el-Nimr was brutally killed in January 2016; after that, Saudi Arabia closed their embassy in Tehran and vis-à-vis Iran to do so.

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The diplomatic relations were restored when China interfered in the conflicts according to the joint agreement in which both countries would open their embassies within two months, and foreign ministers would soon visit each other capitals. The economic and investment agreement 1998 will be revised, as well as the security cooperation agreement.

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The bilateral relations between the two countries are a good sign for the Middle East and its people. This will help uplift poverty and bring prosperity and employment to the regions. The regions will improve economically, politically, and in terms of security.
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China congratulates both powers for taking a historic step by improving their relations after a long time. Further adding, China stated, “Middle east belongs to the people of the countries and let people decide the Middle east future.”



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