Instagram Prepares Twitter-Like App for Competition

Sher Ali
  • Instagram developing microblogging app to compete with Twitter.
  • App allows users to control mentions and replies.
  • Compatible with other apps like Mastodon.


Instagram is gearing up to give tough competition to Elon Musk’s Twitter app with the launch of its own microblogging platform. The new app, codenamed P92 or Barcelona, is expected to debut by the end of June. It will combine elements of Instagram and Twitter, offering a text-based platform for conversations.

Notably, this upcoming app will allow users to control who can mention or reply to their accounts. It is also compatible with other apps, like Mastodon. Essentially, it aims to compete with Twitter as a platform.

The app will inherit Instagram’s blocklist and enforce similar community guidelines to ensure safe and genuine interactions.

Additionally, Instagram’s Twitter app will enable users to search for, follow, and interact with public profiles. If a profile is private, the user can approve followers. Similar to Twitter, users will be able to create posts with up to 500 characters, accompanied by links, photos, and videos.

Reports suggest that Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has approached talent agencies and celebrities to gauge their interest in testing an early version of the app, which will eventually merge with Instagram. The developments in this space are eagerly anticipated.


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