Unskippable Ads on YouTube: Changes and Impact

Sher Ali

YouTube has made an announcement at Brand cast 2023 stating that its TV users will now encounter unskippable 30-second ads on connected TVs, replacing the previous format of two 15-second ads.

Alongside this change, YouTube has introduced a new feature that allows viewers to pause a video to gather more information about it.

The reason behind the introduction of these longer unskippable ads, according to YouTube, is to provide a richer storytelling experience through longer-form creative content.

However, viewers who wish to avoid these interruptions can opt for YouTube Premium, a subscription service available at a cost of Rs 139 per month in India (or Rs 129 per month with auto-renewal).

Additionally, YouTube will soon enable all viewers to pause videos for more details, although these features are currently limited to the United States but expected to expand to India in the future.

Advertisers are utilizing Google AI to create engaging ads, with Sony Electronics leveraging the technology for relevant voice-overs in their product ads, resulting in a 25% increase in ad recall.


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