Instagram Testing New Group Tagging Feature for Stories

Sher Ali
Instagram Group Tagging
  • Estimated 2.3 billion active users as of August 2023.
  • Testing Instagram Group Tagging Feature for Stories.
  • Users can tag multiple followers with a single mention.


Instagram, set to celebrate its 13th anniversary in October this year, has become a thriving hub for the creator economy worldwide. Continuously evolving its features, the platform effectively caters to diverse user needs. By August 2023, Instagram boasts an impressive user base of over 2.3 billion active users globally. The latest development on the horizon is an experimental feature called the Instagram Group Tagging Feature, which aims to simplify the process of tagging multiple users in Instagram Stories using a single mention.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, recently shared insights about this upcoming feature through his broadcast channel, ‘IG Updates.’ He revealed that users will soon have the ability to create a group comprising multiple followers. This innovation allows users to tag the entire group collectively, eliminating the need to individually tag each person in Stories. When the group tag is used, all members will receive mention notifications, facilitating seamless interaction. Additionally, the feature enables group members to re-share the tagged post on their own Stories.

While a specific release date for this feature has yet to be confirmed, initial reports suggest it will debut in the United States before expanding to other regions. Meta, the company behind Instagram, is actively integrating Metaverse elements into its platforms and services. Notably, users can now employ their Meta avatars during video calls on both Instagram and Messenger. Furthermore, the company is experimenting with in-app AI chatbots, providing users with a diverse selection of at least 30 personalities.

The evolution of Instagram’s features reflects Meta’s broader ambition to embrace Metaverse concepts, aligning its digital ecosystem with the growing trends in virtual and augmented reality. The innovative approach underscores Meta’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and offering advanced communication tools. The Instagram Group Tagging Feature aligns with this trajectory, streamlining interaction and communication among users.

As the evolution of social media platforms continues, Instagram’s forthcoming feature introduces a convenient solution for tagging and engaging with groups. By simplifying the process of sharing content with multiple users, the Instagram Group Tagging Feature aims to foster greater collaboration and connection within the platform’s vibrant community. As Instagram commemorates its 13th year, this development showcases its dedication to staying at the forefront of user-friendly innovations.

The future holds promising prospects for Instagram users, as Meta’s ongoing efforts to integrate cutting-edge technologies and features hint at a dynamic and interconnected digital landscape. With the upcoming Instagram Group Tagging Feature, users can look forward to enhanced ease of use and interaction within the platform, reinforcing Instagram’s role as a cornerstone of the modern social media landscape.

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