Imran Khan Missing from PCB Tribute Video Sparks Controversy

Sher Ali
Imran Khan Missing from PCB Tribute Video Sparks Controversy
  • Controversy ensues over omission of iconic cricket figure.
  • Brief cameo of Imran Khan raises questions about intent.
  • Social media trend “Shame on PCB” highlights public disbelief.


The Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) recent video tribute to the country’s cricketing heroes and achievements, released on August 14th, has raised eyebrows for conspicuously omitting the name of Imran Khan, a prominent figure in the nation’s cricket history. The video, spanning 2 minutes and 20 seconds, features no significant mention or footage of Imran Khan, the captain who led Pakistan to its victorious 1992 World Cup campaign. While his image lifting the World Cup trophy appears briefly in the cover image alongside other captains, the rest of the video seemingly downplays his contributions.

When questioned about the exclusion of Imran Khan, the PCB responded with a terse “no comment.” In a fleeting moment, the video does capture what appears to be a quick cameo by Imran Khan, further accentuating the puzzling omission. The PCB’s caption for the video on social media emphasized the team’s legacy and the legends it has created throughout cricketing history.

The oversight did not go unnoticed, prompting a trending hashtag, “Shame on PCB,” on social media platforms. People expressed surprise and disbelief at the omission of Imran Khan, one of Pakistan’s most celebrated cricketers, who led the team to its sole World Cup victory. The video’s focus on other players, such as Inzamamul Haq and Wasim Akram in the 1992 section, created an impression that Imran Khan was either absent or overlooked.

The PCB’s attempt to showcase cricketing milestones seems to have backfired, leading to criticism and speculation about the board’s motives. The exclusion of such a prominent cricketing figure has also reignited the debate about the influence of politics within the sport. Despite the attempt to downplay his presence, Imran Khan remains an iconic and celebrated figure in Pakistani and global cricket.

The public’s reaction underscores that the PCB’s efforts to minimize Imran Khan’s role in the country’s cricketing history are misguided. His legacy is deeply ingrained in the sport’s narrative, and his omission from the video has only served to highlight his enduring significance. The video’s unintended consequences serve as a reminder that Imran Khan’s name remains synonymous with cricket, unaffected by attempts to diminish his impact.

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