Microsoft says PlayStation will keep “Call of Duty.”

Sher Ali
Microsoft says PlayStation will keep "Call of Duty."
  • Xbox head Phil Spencer says COD will continue to be available on PlayStation.
  • Regulators are worried about competitive advantage Microsoft could get by offering Call of Duty

Xbox head Phil Spencer has announced Microsoft’s plans for the PlayStation versions of Call of Duty. Spencer was recently interviewed for a podcast, and the topic of conversation turned to the development of FPS games.

As Spencer was quoted as saying, “Our intention is that we continue to distribute ‘Call of Duty’ on PlayStation as long as there are PlayStations out there to ship to,” it seems likely that the series will remain exclusive to the PlayStation platform for the foreseeable future.

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Microsoft has claimed repeatedly that, after acquiring the massively popular multiplatform game Minecraft, they intend to approach COD in the same way, making it available on apparent competitors like PlayStation and Nintendo. In principle, a deal like that should be beneficial for all parties involved.

Regulators are also worried about the competitive advantage Microsoft could get by offering Call of Duty as part of its Game Pass subscription system.

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If something did, Sony could keep paying Microsoft £70 up front to release COD on the PlayStation, but Xbox owners with Game Pass could play it for free.


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