My Netflix App Gets New ‘My Netflix’ Tab

Sher Ali
My Netflix App Gets New 'My Netflix' Tab
  • Replaces “Downloads” tab, located at bottom right.
  • Users can access downloads, liked TV series, saved movies, and “My List.”
  • Available for iPhone users now; Android rollout in early August.


Netflix is introducing a new “My Netflix” tab in its mobile app to enhance user experience and simplify content discovery. This new feature will be available globally for both iOS and Android users. Positioned at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, the tab will replace the existing “Downloads” tab.

“My Netflix” will serve as a dedicated space for users to access various personalized content and recommendations. It will display downloads, TV series, and movies that users have liked, as well as the shows and films saved to their “My List.” Additionally, users will find trailers they’ve watched, set reminders, track shows they haven’t finished, and view their viewing history, among other features.

The tab is designed to be a tailored one-stop shop, providing convenient shortcuts to the shows and movies users want to watch. As users interact with the tab more frequently, it will adapt and display even more relevant content based on their preferences.

For iPhone users, the new feature is already available, allowing them to make the most of the enhanced content organization and find their favorite shows more quickly. However, Android phone owners will need to exercise some patience, as the rollout for Android devices is scheduled for early August.

With this update, Netflix aims to streamline the browsing process and make it easier for users to discover and enjoy their preferred content. The introduction of the “My Netflix” tab is another step by the streaming giant to offer a personalized and engaging experience for its diverse user base.

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