TikTok Adds Text Posts to Compete with Twitter

Sher Ali
  • Three options now available on the Camera page: photo, video, and text.
  • Text posts can be personalized with noises, location, comments, and Duets.
  • Stickers, tags, hashtags, and background color options included in text posts.


Amid Twitter’s efforts to revamp its logo and brand, a new rival has emerged in the form of TikTok, which recently announced the addition of text post support. TikTok, a widely popular video-sharing platform, has been expanding its reach by acquiring various popular apps. In a bid to compete with Instagram, the app had previously introduced image functionality and is now further enhancing its capabilities with text posts, likely to rival Twitter and Meta’s Threads.

TikTok’s new content option empowers creators to share their stories, poetry, lyrics, and other written content on the platform. Users can now choose between three options – photo, video, and text – when accessing the app’s Camera page. By selecting the text option, users are taken to the text creation page where they can compose the content of their posts. Additionally, they have the flexibility to personalize their posts by adding noises, specifying a location, enabling comments, and enabling Duets. TikTok assures that text posts will be just as interactive and vibrant as video or photo posts.

The inclusion of stickers, tags, and hashtags in text posts allows users to enhance their content further. Moreover, there’s the option to select a different background color to add visual appeal. Similar to video or photo posts, users can save drafts of their text posts and keep them alongside other unpublished entries.

TikTok’s decision to introduce text post support doesn’t come as a surprise, especially considering Twitter’s questionable decisions and constraints imposed on non-paying users. As TikTok seeks to expand its offerings and engage its user base, the addition of text posts provides a new avenue for expression and creativity, making it a worthy competitor in the social media landscape.



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