PM Sehbaz Sharif Requests National Assembly Dissolution

Sher Ali
PM Sehbaz Sharif Requests National Assembly Dissolution
  • ssemblies to dissolve ahead of mandated period, leading to elections within 90 days.
  • Caretaker government likely to have representation from all allied parties.
  • Opposition finalizes three names for interim prime minister, including an economist.


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is set to send a proposal to President Dr Arif Alvi today, requesting the dissolution of the National Assembly (NA).

The government had earlier announced that the assemblies would be dissolved on August 9, ahead of their mandated term, followed by elections within 90 days.

During a ceremony at General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, PM Shehbaz confirmed his intention to formally write to the president today, marking the end of the current government’s tenure.

In a separate meeting with media representatives, the prime minister stated that after the assembly’s dissolution, the chief election commissioner would determine the next steps regarding the elections.

However, he added that all parties agreed that elections should be held as soon as feasible.

Today, the prime minister chaired the final session of the federal cabinet in Islamabad. During this meeting, he is expected to brief cabinet members on the composition of the caretaker government, which is likely to include representatives from all allied parties.

Caretaker Government Setup: The prime minister is anticipated to meet with the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Raja Riaz, to fulfill the constitutional requirement of consultation for appointing an interim prime minister.

Despite the assembly’s dissolution, the prime minister and the opposition leader can engage in a three-day consultation period. If no consensus is reached, the matter is referred to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

PM Shehbaz recently denied the finalization of any candidates for the interim prime minister role, stating that consultations with allies and party members were ongoing and would conclude within a day or two.

Regarding the opposition’s stance, Leader of the Opposition Raja Riaz mentioned that he expected a meeting with the prime minister to discuss these matters. He indicated that consultations would occur at the appropriate time.

Raja Riaz revealed that he had completed discussions with allies, and three potential names for the interim prime minister were almost settled. He further disclosed that the candidates did not include politicians but rather an economist.

Although there’s a possibility of political considerations, Riaz could entertain a politician’s candidacy if suggested by the government.

Addressing possible election delays, Riaz expressed that while elections should ideally be held within three months, complications stemming from the latest census might cause a delay of about six months. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah had previously stated that general elections could be postponed due to constituency delimitations after the 2023 census, possibly extending the timeline to March of the following year.

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