WhatsApp Beta Unveils Voice Chats for Groups

Sher Ali
WhatsApp Beta Unveils Voice Chats for Groups
  • Initially limited to 32 participants; potential for larger groups.
  • Calls are end-to-end encrypted for participant privacy.
  • Feature available to some beta testers; wider rollout expected.


A few months ago, it was disclosed that WhatsApp was in the process of developing a new audio conversation feature. This feature was aimed at providing group members with an innovative method to initiate audio calls, yet the specifics were rather vague at the time. However, more insights have now come to light thanks to the recent release of WhatsApp beta for Android version on the Google Play Store. This update has allowed some beta testers to experience what are now termed as “voice chats” on WhatsApp.

Upon enabling the feature for an account and if compatible with the group, a novel speech waveform icon becomes visible within a group chat. When this icon is tapped, the voice chat commences instantly, revealing a specialized interface. Within this context, any member of the group chat can join the voice conversation and contribute by speaking whenever they choose. If, for some reason, no participants engage in the voice conversation within 60 minutes, the chat will automatically conclude. Nonetheless, any group member has the liberty to initiate a new voice chat at their convenience.

As per information provided by WABetaInfo, the initial phase of voice chat implementation will accommodate a maximum of 32 individuals. Nevertheless, it’s expected that these voice chats might eventually be extended to groups exceeding this size. Notably, it’s worth mentioning that these audio chats are bolstered by end-to-end encryption, thereby ensuring that the content of the call remains accessible solely to the involved participants.

For users who have updated their WhatsApp beta for Android through the Google Play Store, the opportunity to initiate voice chats has already emerged. This feature is expected to be progressively rolled out to a broader audience in the coming days, enabling more individuals to experience and utilize this new facet of WhatsApp’s capabilities.

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