Today’s Wordle Answer 512 (11/13/22) Hints with Solution

Sher Ali
Today's Wordle Answer 512 (11/13/22) Hints with Solution

Wordle is an extremely popular word game that has gone viral due to the ease with which players may share their results on social media and the accessibility of the game. The objective is to guess the five-letter American English word with no more than six guesses.

There are no early hints as to what the word could be, but once a guess has been made, the tiles will change colour to reveal additional information about the letters in the word. Grey, yellow, and green are the three distinct hues that the tiles could assume.

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The colour grey indicates that the letter you picked is not in the word at all, so avoid using it in future guesses. Yellow indicates that the letter is present in the word, but not in its current place.

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Green is the desired colour, as it signifies that you have guessed the proper letter and placed it in the correct area.

Wordle 512 Hints 11-13-2022 Hints Today

  1. It includes the letter N.
  2. It begins with the letter I.
  3. The word today has three vowels.
  4. Four letters have been repeated.
  5. Without sense or meaning; absurd.

Today’s Wordle 512 Answer (2022-11-13)

Since the vowels aren’t all together, it meant that the first letter was probably a vowel, so I put the I first. Seeing how the letters were placed, I thought the A would be the third letter. This helped me figure out the answer to Wordle 512, which is… INANE!


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