Twitter Extends Tweet Editing Time Limit to One Hour for Twitter Blue Subscribers

Sher Ali
Twitter Blue tweet editing time limit
  • Official Twitter Blue account announces extension of tweet editing time limit to one hour.
  • Twitter promptly updates support page to reflect new one-hour edit window.
  • Challenges remain with slow Twitter Blue signups.


Twitter finally introduced the long-awaited edit button. However, they made it available only to Twitter Blue subscribers and allowed edits only on original tweets within 30 minutes of posting. However, things seem to be changing now. Recently, the official Twitter Blue account announced that the time limit for editing tweets has been extended to one hour. They even edited their own announcement post to highlight this change.

It’s worth noting that the Twitter Blue support page was promptly updated to reflect the new one-hour time limit. So far, the availability of editing hasn’t caused major issues because the edit history is easily accessible, making changes noticeable.

However, Twitter still needs to address some issues with their Blue signups, as they have been slow. Many verified users with the blue checkmark often complain that certain aspects of the package are not working for them. Additionally, the promised feature of reduced ads in Twitter Blue, advertised since its relaunch in November, has yet to be implemented.

Similarly, some users are still waiting for the ad revenue split feature, which Elon Musk had promised back in February but hasn’t been delivered yet. Overall, Twitter needs to put in more effort to enhance the user experience. We’ll have to wait and see what they come up with next. Stay tuned!

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