WhatsApp Introduces Screen Sharing Feature for Android Beta Users

Sher Ali

WhatsApp continues to roll out new features to enhance user experience. One of the latest additions is the screen sharing feature, exclusively available for WhatsApp beta users on Android. With this feature, users can share their device screens in real-time during chats, enabling others to view documents, photos, or any content from their screens.

To initiate screen sharing, users can tap on the attachment icon in a chat and select the “Screen Share” option. Once activated, the recipient will be able to see the sender’s screen. This new feature aims to improve communication and make it more effective.

In addition to screen sharing, WhatsApp recently introduced the message editing feature. Users now have the ability to edit messages they have already sent within the first 15 minutes. Simply long-press the desired message, choose the Edit option, and make the necessary changes. Edited messages are labeled as such when viewed by others.

As WhatsApp continues to innovate and introduce new features, users can enjoy a more interactive and convenient messaging experience.


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