Which specie is the most underrated predator in animal kingdom?

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Which specie is the most underrated predator in animal kingdom?

Have you ever wondered which animal specie is the most deadly predator in the world and is found in almost every continent in the world, but is it an underrated one? 

Well for your concerns, there is one predator. A creature that lives near water belongs to the insect order Odonata, has been around for over 3 million years and the only thing that has changed is its size. “The Dragonfly” which we all know by its name. 

The Dragonfly has an almost unparalleled Flight system, a holster of adaptations that includes several specialties in this tiny insect which are discussed below:


Flight Muscles

Direct Flight Muscles are attached to the base of the wings which allows it to control each wing separately, effectively able to perform flight techniques like Phased stroking, a Dragon-fly can fly in all 6 Directions including backward! its no wonder they are called an acrobat the Sky.


Pterostigma of a dragonfly provides counter-balance during flight and prevents wing fluttering, while also giving it a boost in Top-flight speeds. The dragonfly can reach up to the top speed of 55 km/hr. 

3-dimensional Patterns

The 3-dimensional Patterns and veins on the wings of the dragonfly provide wing Stability during the flight which results in a smooth flight in wort conditions.

360-degree vision

Near 360-degree vision is made possible by the presence of about 30000+ light receptors as its eyes cover most of its head. It enables a dragonfly to be aware of the risks from the every direction. 

 visual and Motor system

Its most impressive system though is its Mind, integrating its visual and Motor system, which helps put all this power into action, that is the hunting in which this little dragonfly is one of the deadly predators. 

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