Why Internationalism is the Key to Global Unity, Peace, and Prosperity

Sher Ali
Why Internationalism is the Key to Global Unity, Peace, and Prosperity
  • The system of the global community is changing, and the concept of Nationalism is fading.
  • Internationalism promotes global unity, peace, and cooperation among the states.
  • Internationalism is more than Nationalism and is the only solution to many problems.


The system of global community is changing, new ideas are coming through which the thinking procedure is improving, and the solutions to world problem is a collective approach. The concept of Nationalism is gradually fading. The patriotism to own the country led to wars, conflicts, and destruction. However, Internationalism brings a collective approach to global problems. Each country’s public opinion is evaluated, which resists hyperpowers using their power over the weak state. Internationalism promotes global unity, peace, and cooperation among the states. It offers a more constructive and inclusive approach to resolving world issues.

The reason behind the preference for Internationalism over Nationalism is the policies that affect the lives of ordinary people. Nationalism only talks about a small group of people and their interests, which led to discrimination, the minorities were not given their rights properly, and the concept also creates tension within and between the nations. This is why the slogan of Nationalism is decreasing with the passing of the day, and the motto of Internationalism is increasing with time.

The European Union is a group of twenty-seven countries that talks about their rights collectively; the interest of every nation is the same, and problems are the same for every country. They are the most potent powers in the world. When one of the single countries gets into trouble, the whole European Union stands behind the country, which helps to counter the enemies globally, regionally, strategically, politically, and economically.

When the Russia-Ukraine crisis peaked, the EU state did not allow Russia to impose nuclear war on Ukraine. Europe played a crucial role in returning Russia from the Nuclear war, and Vladimir Putin and the world community did not deny the public opinion of it. This is how the world transforms from Nationalism to Internationalism. The power of Internationalism is more than Nationalism. To promote peace, eliminate Terrorism, eliminate climate change, to get rid of everything which led to destruction, the only solution to many problems is Internationalism.

Earlier this week, The Arabs and Non-Arabs met with each other and restored their diplomatic relations after decades. The embassies will be opened within two months in Tehran and Riyadh, which is a good sign for world peace and prosperity. If the gulf forms a union like the EU, it can bring enormous changes to the world; they can get back superpowers to their feet. They have rich resources of Oil and Gas, which trade internationally in US dollars. If they want to fail the dollar by introducing their currency, they can do it, but their interest in securing Kingship and dictatorship cannot do so. But, in the future, they can implement the idea of Internationalism.

Another reason why Internationalism is essential? The answer is that it plays a vital role in uplifting the economy of the nations. The development brings economic growth and prosperity to the waste nations. It reduces border issues and exchanges cultural ethnicity with one another. This will help to alleviate poverty in the world. However Nationalism, limited trade economic growth of the nations and only benefits a few groups of people.

Furthermore, Internationalism talks about global solutions to the global problem. Though, Internationalism is far much better than Nationalism. Climate change is the biggest problem for the world community. It needs global solutions to get rid of. Nationalism promotes short terms goals over long-term environmental sustainability goals. While Internationalism talks about all the life on the earth, it must be protected; greenhouse emissions should be stopped, preserves natural resources for future generations so they can take advantage of it, and balance in the eco-system goes on as it started.

In the end, Internationalism is a more constructive and practical approach to solving world issues. It is a more convenient way to come world on the same page for the collective interest. Promoting economic growth and working on climate and socially based problems by alleviating gender discrimination can make a prosperous, peaceful, and beautiful world. The world is interconnected, and now every state is interdependent on each other. There is a dire need to prioritize Internationalism over Nationalism and embrace global cooperation and collaboration.

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