Ayaz Sheikh: Rising Star in Pakistan’s Film and Drama Music Industry

Kumail Shah
Ayaz Sheikh: Rising Star in Pakistan's Film and Drama Music Industry

Meet Ayaz Sheikh, a rising star in the film and drama music industry. Hailing from Hyderabad, Sindh, Ayaz started as a child artist on Radio Pakistan Hyderabad in 2004. With training under the legendary Ustad Sultan Ahmed Khan from 2007 to 2015, Ayaz soon gained popularity for his vocal prowess. Known for his live performances, Ayaz has won multiple singing competitions and has become one of Pakistan’s most promising talents.

After moving to Karachi in 2015, Ayaz collaborated with Pakistani music production and later joined the AD Studio in Karachi in 2018. There, he worked as a versatile artist, serving as a vocalist, music composer, and director.

Ayaz’s partnership with Syed Adeel Ali Bukhari, a distinguished musician and lead guitarist in the Pakistani film and drama industry, proved to be a game-changer. Syed Adeel Ali Bukhari, who has an impressive track record, has performed with various bands and worked on successful projects such as Coke Studio, Pepsi Battle of the Band, and Crystal Records.

Ayaz Sheikh has lent his melodious voice to various event management companies and organizations such as Sibi Art Council Balochistan, Craz Entertainer, Keys Productions, Flying Horse, Laal Series, Crystal Records, and Bestsong 8xm Jalwa since 2009. His versatile vocal range and exceptional music skills have been featured on major TV networks and production companies in Pakistan, where he has worked on various projects, including drama OSTs, national songs, and film projects. Ayaz’s dedication and passion for music continue to inspire and influence aspiring artists in the industry.

Ayaz Sheikh sang and composed his first-ever single, “IK AAS”, which made room for Ayaz to climb the stairs of success and did a host of drama OSTs.


In 2020, he achieved a historic milestone by creating and performing the initial national song of Pakistan, which honored Shaheed-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan.



Ayaz Sheikh proved to be a rising star in the Pakistani music industry in 2021 when he composed and performed a tribute song for Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, demonstrating his talent even further.

In recent years, Ayaz Sheikh has been involved in creating some of the most popular songs. One such example is his performance of the “Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad” song in 2020.


Ayaz Sheikh also sang the official song of Bol Network, “Kashmir Hamara He Sara Ka Sara He – Kar De Karam Moula”, in 2019.


Both of these musical pieces were composed by Syed Adeel Ali and produced at AD Studio. In the year 2021, Ayaz Sheikh collaborated with director Kashif Saleem to lend his voice for the original soundtrack of the drama series titled “Yun Tu He Pyaar Bohut”. The music for this production was composed and directed by Syed Adeel Ali. This project was produced under MD Productions and was broadcasted on Hum Television Pakistan.


Ayaz Sheikh was officially appointed as the lead singer for the Pakistani drama’s original soundtrack song “Khudgharziya” in 2021. The music direction was handled by Syed Adeel Ali, and the direction was overseen by Sheraz Kazi. The production was executed by KD and Sketch Media ProdProductionsstudio was responsible for audio production, and the song was broadcasted on Sub Entertainment Television Pakistan.


Furthermore, Ayaz Sheikh performed the male version of the original soundtrack of the 2020 drama series “Gushtakh”, while the female version was sung by Fabiha Hashmi. The music was composed and directed by Syed Adeel Ali, with SK Khalish being the writer of the OST. Adstudiopk handled the music production for the project. The drama was directed by Najaf Bilgrami and was broadcasted on Express Entertainment Television.


Back in 2019, Ayaz Sheikh sang the original soundtrack of the drama series “Damsa”, which was directed and produced by Wajahat Rauf under Showcase Production. The music composition and direction were handled by Syed Adeel Ali, and the OST was written by SK Khalish. The drama was aired on Ary Digital Pakistan.


In general, Ayaz Sheikh is a highly skilled Pakistani singer, composer, and director who has left a notable impression on the country’s music and entertainment sector. With his exceptional musical abilities and versatile vocal range, he has been involved in several projects, ranging from drama original soundtrack songs to national anthems and film productions. Ayaz has had the privilege of collaborating with several notable musicians in the industry, including Syed Adeel Ali Bukhari, and his work has been featured on prominent television networks and production companies in Pakistan. His unwavering commitment to his craft and passion for music serve as an inspiration and exert a positive influence on aspiring artists in the industry.

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