TikTok adds refresh feature to for you feed to enhance user experience

Sher Ali
TikTok new feature
  • TikTok has introduced a new feature.
  • This feature is part of TikTok’s ongoing efforts to provide an enjoyable viewing experience.
  • The platform also works to remove content that breaks its rules.


TikTok, the popular short-video platform, has announced a new feature that allows users to refresh their For You feed if they feel that their recommendations are no longer relevant. This feature is part of TikTok‘s ongoing efforts to provide an enjoyable viewing experience for its users while also enabling self-expression.

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The For You feed is a key feature of TikTok, helping users to discover a diversity of content, creators, communities, and products. However, sometimes recommendations can become repetitive or uninteresting. To address this, TikTok has introduced a refresh feature that allows users to view content as if they had just signed up for the platform, prompting the recommendation system to surface more content based on new interactions.

This new feature is part of a suite of content controls that TikTok users can use to shape their experience, including the ability to filter out videos that use specific hashtags or phrases, and to skip future videos from a particular creator or that use a particular sound.

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TikTok’s recommendation system is designed to ensure that the breadth of content surfaced to a viewer isn’t too narrow or too repetitive. The platform also works to remove content that breaks its rules, minimize recommendations of potentially harmful topics, and filter out content with mature themes from teen accounts.

TikTok’s approach to content moderation also takes into account the fact that users express themselves in all sorts of ways on the platform, including when they’re going through difficult life experiences. The platform removes content that promotes or glorifies self-injury, while allowing recovery or educational content with limits on how often it’s eligible for recommendation.

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TikTok has implemented over 15 updates in the past year to improve its systems and expand support for more languages. The platform’s trust and safety and product teams partner to drive this work, informed by consultation with experts in the field. TikTok remains committed to providing a welcoming space for self-expression and an enjoyable environment for its community.


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