Biden tested positive for COVID-19: “Will continue to work, albeit in isolation,” White House

Kumail Shah
Biden tested positive for COVID-19

WASHINGTON: The White House said on Thursday that Joe Biden, the nation’s oldest president, has tested positive for COVID-19 and was suffering minor symptoms. He will continue to work, albeit in isolation.

In a memo issued on Thursday, White House physician Kevin O’Connor wrote that Biden, 79, had a runny nose, tiredness, and an intermittent dry cough, symptoms that began for him late on Wednesday. According to O’Connor, Biden has begun taking the antiviral medication Paxlovid.

In a video broadcast to his Twitter account, Vice President claimed he was “doing great” after receiving his shots and boosters a second time. Also in the video, he indicated that he was “getting a lot of stuff done” and that he was going to keep doing so.

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A picture of him seated at a desk with documents and a jacket was posted on his Twitter account. He claimed Biden’s oxygen levels were normal and that the president would isolate himself for five days before returning to public appearances if a COVID test came back negative.

When Biden fell ill, his government was already dealing with high inflation, global supply problems, mass murders, and Russia’s territorial war on Ukraine. Biden’s illness was particularly tragic.

When Biden’s sickness caused him to abandon his Pennsylvania trip, he was planning on asking Congress for $37 billion in funding for crime prevention initiatives.

According to the White House,  former President Obama made a slew of phone calls to friends and allies in the early hours of his morning.

At the White House, Biden instituted tight COVID-19 safety standards, urged the public to treat the virus as a serious threat, and pushed for everyone to get vaccinated.

Those who meet with him or travel with him are routinely checked for the illness, according to the White House. Biden’s most recent negative test was performed on Tuesday.

In the months leading up to his State of the Union Address on March 1st, he has ceased wearing a mask on public occasions.


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