Imran Khan’s Arrest Sparks Protests in London

Sher Ali
Imran Khan Arrest
  • US State considers Imran Khan’s arrest an internal matter for Pakistan.
  • Independent observers warn of exacerbating political turmoil.
  • US legislators stay silent on the issue.


US legislators stay silent on the issue. The US State Department stated that Imran Khan’s arrest was an issue for Pakistan, but independent observers cautioned that it would exacerbate the political turmoil.

“The cases against Imran Khan and other politicians in Pakistan are an internal matter,” a State Department spokeswoman told media. “We call for the respect of democratic principles and the rule of law in Pakistan, as we do around the world.”

US legislators, who normally back Mr Khan and his policies, remained silent. Political analysts and think-tank professionals, on the other hand, were more candid.

“Not long ago, Pakistan’s political crisis appeared to be easing a bit, with the government pledging to step down and make way for a caretaker to prepare for elections,” tweeted Michael Kugelman, a South Asian affairs specialist at Washington’s Wilson Centre.

“But now, with Khan arrested again and indications that elections may be delayed, all bets are completely off,” he tweeted on X, formerly Twitter.

MNA Mohsin Dawar, who is now in the United States, tweeted: “One PM was convicted on an iqama and now another on selling a wristwatch. Politicians get discredited over such trivial matters while (others) get away” with more serious allegations.

“Politicians, like Imran Khan, are used and then discarded.” “We just keep going in circles,” he wrote.

On Saturday, numerous supporters of Mr Khan gathered outside the Pakistan High Commission in London to protest his arrest.

Shayan Ali, a senior PTI campaigner in London, has called for Mr Khan’s supporters to congregate on Saturday afternoon at the Pakistan mission in Lowndes Square.

Despite the fact that it was a rainy day with scattered showers, PTI supporters gathered outside the embassy and yelled pro-Khan slogans.

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