Missouri and Florida attempts to prevent federal election monitors

Sher Ali
Missouri and Florida attempts to prevent federal election monitors

After the US Department of Justice declared that it’ll deploy monitors to twenty-four states to observe balloting, authorities in Florida and Missouri indicated that they might try federal election monitors from accessing polling places.

In a letter, the Florida Department of State declared that federal election monitors wouldn’t be allowed to enter polling places in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties, whereas the Missouri lawyer general declared that he supports an area election official’s call to bar monitors from coming into Cole County polling places.

According to the letter from FL, “Department of Justice monitors don’t seem to be licensed within a place underneath FL law.” Even though they were, the Florida Department of State contends that “the involvement of federal enforcement at intervals polling places would be ineffective and should probably destroy religion within the election

The letter goes on to mention that the FL Department of State can “send its monitors to the three electorate regions.”

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Every election has federal election observers. “Under federal law, the federal government features a crucial role to confirm that federal elections square measure conducted properly, in which voters don’t seem to be intimidated or otherwise harassed throughout balloting,” As Mark Elias, creator of Democracy Docket, on MSNBC yesterday.

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