Mohammad Amir Responds to Shahid Afridi’s Claim About Scolding Him

Sher Ali
Mohammad Amir Shahid Afridi claim
  • Amir clarifies that Afridi’s text message did not contain the mentioned content.
  • He emphasizes the mutual understanding and respect between him and Babar Azam.
  • Amir dismisses the public perception of animosity between him and Babar.


Former Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Amir has responded to Shahid Afridi’s previous claim that he scolded Amir for his actions during a heated moment in the 2023 edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). During a match between Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi, Amir threw the ball aggressively towards Pakistan captain Babar Azam after the batter played a defensive shot.

Amir faced severe criticism from fans on social media for his behavior during the match. Afridi also shared his opinion on the incident during an interview on a local channel, mentioning that he had texted Amir to scold him for his actions. Afridi emphasized the importance of maintaining respect and controlling aggression, advising Amir to focus on his performance and play peacefully.

After a long four-month period, Amir finally addressed Afridi’s statement during an interview with another local channel. He clarified that while he did receive a message from Afridi, it did not contain the content mentioned by Afridi during the interview. Amir stated that the message from Afridi only praised his bowling and inquired about his injury, without any mention of facing Babar or playing under his captaincy.

Amir found Afridi’s statement peculiar and suggested that Afridi might have misspoken or misunderstood the situation. He emphasized that he and Babar have a mutual understanding and respect, contrary to the public perception that they are enemies. Amir dismissed the notion of any ill-will between them and reiterated the positive relationship they share.

Amir’s response indicates that Afridi’s claim about scolding him for his actions during the PSL match may not be accurate. Amir expressed confusion and considered Afridi’s statement to be strange, emphasizing the respect and understanding between him and Babar. The incident sparked public perceptions of a rivalry between the two players, but Amir clarified that this was never the case.


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