Threads Soars to 100 Million Users Within a Week of Launch

Kumail Shah
Threads Soars to 100 Million Users Within a Week of Launch

Threads, the latest social media platform developed by Meta, has quickly gained traction, attracting a staggering 100 million users within a mere week of its launch. Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram has emphasized that the platform will steer clear of politics and hard news. Instead, Mosseri believes in leveraging the power of vibrant communities centered around areas like sports, fashion, and music.

Mosseri has divulged that several changes are on the horizon for Threads. These updates will include the introduction of search functionality, the incorporation of hashtags, the implementation of a following feed, and possibly even messaging features. With these enhancements, Threads aims to offer an enriched user experience, catering to a diverse range of interests and preferences.

Renowned financial expert Martin Lewis, the founder of, has recently taken to Twitter to raise awareness about a disturbing deep fake video that features him promoting a fraudulent investment project. Expressing his concern, Lewis highlights that this is the first instance in which he has encountered a deep fake video scam involving his own likeness. He strongly urges governmental bodies and regulators to take decisive action against big tech companies to prevent the dissemination of such dangerous fakes.

Mosseri further mentioned in a separate statement that while several essential features were in the pipeline, it would require a considerable amount of time to implement the desired improvements to the application.

The introduction of this new app adds another layer to the ongoing competition between Mr. Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter in October.

Recently, the two renowned billionaires sparked a viral frenzy on social media by engaging in a playful exchange, agreeing to face each other in a cage fight.

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Expressing his thoughts on Meta, Mr. Musk took to Twitter and expressed, “Being subjected to criticism from strangers on Twitter is far preferable to embracing the illusory happiness of hiding behind a facade on Instagram.”




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