Elon aquired social media that spews lies all over the world: Biden

Kumail Shah
Elon aquired social media that spews lies all over the world: Biden

“Elon Musk acquired control of a social media network that ‘spews lies all over the world’ by acquiring Twitter last month,”  US President Joe Biden said on Friday.

The remark came immediately after rumors that Musk had laid off thousands of Twitter staff worldwide as part of a cost-cutting effort. Members of teams working on the forthcoming midterm elections in the United States, content moderation, and authentication of politicians’ accounts, according to sources, were among those laid off.

“Elon Musk goes out and buys an outfit that spews misinformation all over the world,” Biden remarked at a Democratic fundraiser in Rosemont, Illinois, referring to the world’s richest man’s purchase of Twitter.

Twitter announced that its offices will be temporarily shuttered and that all credential access will be suspended “to help guarantee the safety of each employee as well as Twitter infrastructure and user data.”

According to the social media network, Twitter employees who are unaffected by the layoffs will be contacted via their work email accounts. Employees who have been laid off will be advised of the next steps by email, according to the message.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden stated at a California event on Friday that his administration planned to close coal-fired power plants “throughout America” and replace them with wind or solar-powered generators.

Biden was in San Diego as part of a West Coast fundraising drive for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections next week. During a speech on Friday, President Trump recalled visiting a former coal power plant in Massachusetts that had been converted to wind energy generation. He stated that it was done because continuing to utilize coal was simply too expensive, probably due to the costs imposed by government regulations.

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“We’re going to shut down these facilities throughout America and replace them with wind and solar,” Biden assured the gathering.


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