Richarlison cried when Tite unveiled Brazil’s 26-man World Cup team

Sher Ali
  • Tottenham’s Richarlison started crying as Brazil coach Tite announced his 26-man squad for the FIFA World.
  • The attacker has played just 100 minutes since returning from injury.
  • Coach Tite said he would not risk playing players whose fitness was in question.

Richarlison was so moved that he began to cry. Despite his best efforts, he could not find solace. He had cried, sweated, and bled to make the Brazil team. The XI follows. Tite was hobbling around on crutches only three weeks before announcing his team for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.

He stutter-spoke and was obviously overcome with emotion. The speech began to seep out slowly but surely. He said, “I’m devastated.” I was on the verge of making my dream a reality. I was out for two months the last time I got this ailment.

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In addition, Tite had already said, reaffirmed, and irritatedly emphasised that he would not risk playing players whose fitness was in question. It turns out there was a caveat in that announcement. Tite announced the names of his 26-man roster for the flight every Brazilian fanatically wanted to Doha. “Richarlison, Tottenham,” he remarked.

Richarlison missed the second half of what was said. Tite, who was in Granja Comary, Rio de Janeiro, likely caught wind of the attacker in London’s riotous festivities.

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The teachers absolutely adore Pombo (Pigeon is his nickname). The coach started playing the attacker in 2018 and has kept him on the ever-dangerous Seleço roster ever since.

As a result, Richarlison was inserted into the starting lineup in the forward position for the season opener despite having played for only 100 minutes since returning from injury.


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Classic Richarlison style, in the first half he careened all over the Lusail Stadium grass, harassing opponents and causing turnovers. The first 45 showed his drive and perseverance, but the second 45 highlighted his savvy and skill.

Just past the hour mark, with the score still tied, Richarlison pounced on a loose ball and put Brazil up 1-0. After 11 minutes, he finished it off with a fantastic bicycle kick.

What Richarlison had imagined would be the best possible outcome for the moment he had fantasised about for so long turned out to be much better.

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