Road To Oslo: Young Footballers Supported by ‘Better Future Pakistan’ Dream of Victory

Kumail Shah
Road To Oslo: Young Footballers Supported by 'Better Future Pakistan' Dream of Victory

As football begins to grasp its attention in Pakistan, more raw young talent has emerged in the streets. Better Future Pakistan aims to showcase the country’s hidden treasures to the world. Recently, the foundation has recruited new street talent from Pakistan to participate in the upcoming Norway Cup, which will be hosted in Oslo.

The youth squad, comprising 18 players from different regions of Pakistan, has gathered in Karachi for training under highly professional coaches.

The tournament is set to start from July 28 till August 04. Better Future Pakistan aims that their young players have the full potential to lift the trophy for the country.

Soliman Sarwar, a former board member of the Bjørndal Sports Association and a proud member of Better Future Pakistan, revealed during a recent interview with the media that they have established a football academy in Pakistan. The academy is dedicated to catering to the educational and sporting requirements of underprivileged street children.

“Our focus area at the moment is Lyari, Karachi where we have set up a soccer camp and around 120 young footballers are training under us,” he added, ” 18 under-15 players along with coaches will travel to Oslo for the Norway cup at the end of July .”

While asking about the sponsorship of the team, he mentioned that the foundation relies on self-funding and anyone can join to contribute.

Pakistan is not far behind and has enough potential to compete despite any support from the government.

Better Future Pakistan is doing more than just preparing kids for a tournament; they are helping them chase their dreams. These young footballers are getting ready to play on an international stage, carrying the hopes of our nation with them.

Their journey to Oslo shows the amazing talent in Pakistan’s streets, waiting to be recognized. With the help of Better Future Pakistan, these players aim to make their country proud.

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They aren’t just playing for trophies but also inspiring future generations. Their story is about hard work, passion, and never giving up, proving that with the right support, anyone can achieve great things.

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